Memories: MST Governor’s School 2018

We all build up memories every day. Memories and events surround us, every second and every minute. New friends are made, lessons are learned, and life changes. But it’s so beautiful to just stand back and remember all of those memories that one has made. And those are the memories that I wish to pass on today. It’s amazing how many memories can be made in simply one month with a great group of genius and ambitious people. People that think alike, dream big, love lots, and lock hands and shoulders. Those were the types of memories that I made at Governor’s School this July. Memories, friendships, thoughts, and dreams. This is a tribute to MST Governor’s School 2018.

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Tales of the Genome Water Trip

Doubts and Beginnings

I would be wrong if I said that I didn’t have any doubts. In fact, I had many. Before attending Governor’s School, many people tried to highlight how much of a memorable experience Governor’s School was to them and how much fun I would have. Keeping that in mind, as the first week of Governor’s School came to pass, my doubts began to form. But as time progressed, things unseen before began to form, friendships.

The beauty of friendship is that it happens so naturally that you don’t even recognize it when it begins. It started with simply sitting together at lunch, playing cards, heading to the lab to play video games. And just like that, I realized that I had found my friend group.

Eunu Lim and I

Laughs, Thoughts, and Joy

With the friend group found, pure joy and happiness began to flow like never before. Time moved faster. Looking back at everything, it all moved so quickly and I wish it was longer. The laughter that occurred all the time made every conversation entertaining and intriguing. The intellectual conversations hovering around me as I walked through the hallways made the camp inspiring, and the late-night soccer games played made a fine-tuned balance of nerdiness and athleticism. The joy of being able to fully express yourself and being shameless of who you are as a person helps you truly become the person you are meant to be. Governor’s School helps every one of its participants to experience that for themselves. I saw my friends become inspired, become encouraged and courageous. I saw an introvert become a legend. I saw a dreamer make his dream happen. It’s these kinds of people that made Governor’s School memorable. The people that comfort you to realize that for generations and generations to come, we have leaders, and dreamers that can continue to pass the torch of science and STEM to the next generation.


Busch Gardens Trip


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Ice Skating at Liberty University Hockey Rink

“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” – Lois Lowry

Hope and Goodbye

MST Governor’s School, has been great. It has inspired the next generation, you have given me so much: Friends, Lessons, Ideas, Dreams. In a heartbeat, I would answer yes to reliving my experience. To be with the people I cherish so dearly every day. To laugh with them, to learn Korean, to get roasted, to have friendly shellshock competitions. I wish I could relive every single second of it. And as many part ways, it brings us all hope knowing that we have met each other, that each one of us made best friends, partners at Governor’s School. Governor’s School gave me hope, hope for science and engineering, hope for the future.

5th Floor Hall Photo
Governor’s School Graduation

Governor’s school I thank you for all that you have done for me, for the friends that I made, for the lessons I learned, for the laughs I laughed, for the hearts I touched, for the smiles I had. Thank you for the pictures that I may look back on and the conversations that I will cherish. Thank you for the people that I met and for the people that inspired me. Governor’s School you will always be dear to me. Thank you and I’ll miss you.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”  – Dr. Seuss

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