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Hey guys! Check out this new blog that I’m a part of! Here is just one of the many languages that we are and will be teaching! If you’re interested in learning a new language or just love language, this is the place for you! So check it out!


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Image Credit: Wikimedia Foundation

Before You Jump In…

Japanese is widely considered one of the hardest languages, with the US state department placing it in the hardest category for English speakers to learn. But it’s not impossible for regular people to learn, it just takes time. By the end of the next five lessons, you’ll be able to read the basic alphabets and understand the core grammar.

It helps to have a little bit of background on the Japanese language before beginning vocabulary and grammar. Japanese was heavily influenced by the Chinese language, and initially shared the same writing system. Eventually, linguistic drift set in and Japanese writing began to differ from Chinese, but a lot of characters are the same, and some vocabulary cognates remain. The first Japanese writing system to result from Chinese was Kanji. Kanji (漢字) literally just means “Chinese Character”, and refers to characters that…

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