I’m 17: A Reflection on Celebrating My Birthday

The start of this school year has been quite the hectic one, so I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to blog too much about all the things that I have had gone on throughout my life up to this point. Nonetheless, today marks my 17th birthday…(wow I’m really growing old). Looking back on this year, I really have been blessed in so many ways by the people and experiences I have encountered and gained. I am so forever thankful for all the people that have made my world just a little brighter, a little more beautiful, and a little more memorable.



A Perspective on Growing Up

After celebrating my birthday this weekend, I have had more time to just reflect on what it really means to grow up. To many, growing up is a daunting task: constantly scared about one day filing our own taxes, raising a family, getting a well-paying job, and the most daunting of them all, trying to make our mark on the world. Let’s be honest, growing up doesn’t seem to be too fun. Some days I wish I were still a kid, with no worries and just toys to play with on the daily. But the circle of life must continue.

To me, growing up isn’t something to be afraid of but to be excited for. Growing up gives you the chance to make your own mark in your own amazing way. Sure we’ll miss the toys, the many times we could just sit around and watch Netflix, or the many days where you would take your friends out for dinner, but we’ll be off making a difference, impacting the people around us and the world because of it.

Maybe aging is not one year closer to death but one year closer to changing the world.


Now I am by no means wise and have absolutely no reputation to say that I’m old and I have learned a lot, but I think it’s important for all of us to simply reflect on the many days that we have lived, the good and bad, the happy and sad, the days where we cried because of overflowing joy, and the days where we cried because we were at our darkest point. Time has its way of making us remember.


So celebrate your birthday with your friends, your family, and your loved ones. Go through each year with a purpose, with a passion that fuels your growth; take risks and leaps of faith; fail, but fail forward; and most importantly love, keep loving because the world will always need more love. I am so grateful to all of those that have wished me a beautiful 17th birthday.

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