Wind: The Turning of Time and What We Can Make of It

An Ode to Time…and Doctors

It’s common knowledge that time flies. Ask any adult and I’m sure you’ll get the “Oh yeah, back when I was about your age”, or “Ahh, when I was younger, I did this or I did that”, memories and snapshots saved into our neural hard drives.

Yet as time gives, time also takes away. Time gives life, new beginnings, it brings good memories, happy thoughts, growth, maturity, and a hella good dinner (after all, the best food takes time to make). But time also takes: as new beginnings come in, others come to an end, good memories become forgotten, happy thoughts become sorrowful regrets, growth becomes decay, maturity becomes frustration, and that hella good dinner…well that will also fade.

Time is the one friend on our side when we want it, yet it’s also the biggest “disease” that we have no cure for. It’s why I have such an appreciation for doctors (shoutout Hospital Playlist, the drama that I’m watching now). Doctors may not be time travelers, but they’re time warriors. Our bodies are a testament of time and nature’s path, but doctors go in and fix it, rewinding our internal clocks so that we may continue to live and continue to make such good memories, have good food, smile, laugh, and give back to the world. Without time, the tears that we have when a loved one goes into surgery, or when they’re in the ICU unconscious…well perhaps they would never occur. Time is our enemy and yet our dearest friend.

A Midnight Thought

Yet as you think, as time continues to pass and as we all “grow up”, what really stays the same is this notion that we call family. You see, family is perhaps the only thing that surpasses time itself. Generation after generation, legacy after legacy, a father and a mother bring a child into this earth. The child will always call his father “dad” and his mother “mom”. Ahh us young ones could never understand the pain and suffering that our parents have had to endure raising us. But yet all of that has been forgotten for all the joyous memories, the exciting times, the many family trips and golf outings. Time is our enemy and yet our dearest friend.

And as we turn the table, and look out for our parents, as time begins to take its toll: a new generation comes in, and an old generation leaves. Yet that family connection never dies. My dad will always be my dad, and my mom will always be my mom. And the love that they have shown me, both seen and unseen, well I guess only time will ever see all of it.

Looking Forward

Now maybe none of this really makes sense. And perhaps it may actually makes some sense. But the moral of this message is that the clock is ticking. We don’t live forever, and yet so often we live like we do. For me it’s golf, I wanted to play so much over the summer, and yet I get lazy and only play once or twice a week. Now as school comes closer, I live with the regret of not playing more. Perhaps it’s impossible to live with no regrets; I mean we’ll always have opportunity costs. But don’t miss out on the chances to say I love you to your parents, or I miss you to your brother. Don’t miss the chances to reach out to a friend or go on a hike in the mountains. Because time will continue to take its toll. Time brings great memories, but it also gives us a huge warning: that we are mere mortals. So spend time with your families this summer. If you’re not home, call them. If you’re older, call them. Because one day, you’ll call and they won’t pick up. One day, you’ll want them to cook dinner and they won’t be able to. One day you’ll want to say the words I love you, only hear no response. Time is our enemy and yet our dearest friend.

The clock is ticking. Life is moving. Let’s carpe diem and seize the day.

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