Tests: Thoughts on Standardized Testing

This blog post is a little different. Rather than talk about a major event in my life, I want to highlight something that is not only important to me, but to many other students and individuals out there. Standardized testing produces angst, but also reaps joy and happiness when results come back. But are they truly worth it? Click on the post title to read more...

Promises: VA DECA SLC 2019

Though this is my first year in DECA, I have seen first-hand what makes DECA so different from so many other clubs and student-run organizations. It's in the spirit of DECA that some of the greatest ideas are made and the next generation of leaders are uncovered, and there is no better place than to experience DECA in the midst of competition. Want to See More? Click The Post Title

Vision: Entrepreneurship Conference 2018

Today at the Blacksburg High School Auditorium, we hosted over 100+ students from all around the county for a 3-hour conference on the topic of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has always had a place for me. It's a word that has truly tainted and impacted my life and a lifestyle that I truly wish to live. But… Continue reading Vision: Entrepreneurship Conference 2018