Friends: Life’s Sparkling Colors

A couple days back, I received a letter from a friend. The letter contained one of the most thoughtful messages that I myself have ever received. Since the day that I opened the letter, I've contemplated the concept of friendship and the impact that each one of my friends has had on my life. The memories that were made at dances, late-night bonfires, trips to cities, hikes, and beautiful night-sky river walks. The times that I have had with friends are the times that I will forever cherish. Want to see more? Click The Post Title

Welcome to My Blog

Whether you are looking for inspiration, browsing around, or looking to see what I do throughout my life, I hope you enjoy this blog and its contents! In this blog lies ideas, dreams, thoughts, experiences, and events. May the posts here be inspiring and intriguing for everyone. Feel free to reach out to me at if you want to know more about me! Want to See More? Click The Post Title