Hope: My Experiences in South Africa

As some may know, I just recently went to South Africa for a two week missions trip in Capetown. There we worked with two primary townships: Langa and Gughletu. Despite being a rather short trip of only two weeks, those two weeks truly turned my view of the world a whole 180 degrees. I hope to be able to discuss some of the lessons and memories gained from that trip here.

Memories: MST Governor’s School 2018

It's amazing how many memories can be made in simply one month with a great group of genius and ambitious people. People that think alike, dream big, love lots, and lock hands and shoulders. Those were the types of memories that I made at Governor's School this July. Memories, friendships, thoughts, and dreams. This is a tribute to MST Governor's School 2018. Want to see more? Click The Post Title

Friends: Life’s Sparkling Colors

A couple days back, I received a letter from a friend. The letter contained one of the most thoughtful messages that I myself have ever received. Since the day that I opened the letter, I've contemplated the concept of friendship and the impact that each one of my friends has had on my life. The memories that were made at dances, late-night bonfires, trips to cities, hikes, and beautiful night-sky river walks. The times that I have had with friends are the times that I will forever cherish. Want to see more? Click The Post Title